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"Nusa Indah FAQ offers you a range of information about our holiday resort. If this is your first trip to Bali, many answers to your questions will be found here.

Trips / Excursions

No vacation is long enough to take advantage of all the possibilities!
Here are a few sample trips/excursions by bicycle:


Tenganan: a lovely, traditional Balinese village (Bali Aga) where weaving is done by hand at the Double Ikat Weavers (ca. 6 km, partly uphill).


Bugbug: Magnificent ceremonies often take place here - and visitors are welcome to watch (ca. 8 km, partly uphill).

Goa Lawah: The temple with the bat cave - many years ago, a Balinese prince hid from his enemies here (ca. 14 km).


You can find moped and car trips offered all over Bali - including in Candi Dasa. We recommend you take a travel guide, a map and a sarong if you decide to explore the island on your own.

We offer our guests inexpensive trips on foot, by moped or with our car. There are not only the typical tourist destinations but also many other places where one can discover the Balinese landscape and culture.



Nusa Indah’s premises comprise an area of ca. 1500 m². Six accommodation units are contained in four buildings; a total of 14 people can stay here. This is why Nusa Indah is particularly suitable for guests who prefer to spend their vacation far away from massive tourism. Children are welcome at Nusa Indah. Child care with our Balinese family can be arranged.


The Nusa Indah “restaurant” (main building), with its large patio, is a popular place for our guests to sit, relax and chat.


Driving a car

For most Europeans, driving a car on Bali takes some getting used to. Cars can be rented inexpensively (fuel is very inexpensive). If you would like to drive on Bali, you need to get accustomed to driving on the left and “the Balinese style of driving”. You should have an international driver’s license with you! A driver doesn’t cost very much if you negotiate well - but you have to watch out that you don’t end up with someone who’s a pain in the neck.




The electrical power supply (220V AC; electrical sockets in compliance with German standards are in every bungalow) is now very stable, thanks to a connection with the local power supply network. Though it is impossible to completely eliminate the chance of a power outage, we have managed to keep their occurrence down to a minimum. Devices which use very large amounts of electricity (e.g. hair dryers, irons) can cause the power supply to be less stable. Please let Wayan know when you’re going to use such devices.


Going out to eat / Restaurant

Our “restaurant” doesn’t have a fixed menu - it offers small snacks and drinks: fresh fruit juices, cocktails, coffee, wine and a selection of fine spirits, etc. A tasty dinner can also be prepared for you (requires prior arrangement).




We have four bicycles which are available to our guests at no extra cost.

Airport transfer


For your departure, a transfer to the airport can be organized.




You can have breakfast in the restaurant, on the terrace, in your bungalow or under the Bale. Please arrange details about your breakfast with our team: you can choose from an American breakfast or Balinese breakfast - delicious fruit juice is of course included.


The Indonesian currency is called “Rupiah”. One euro (€) is worth ca. 15,000 Rp. We recommend changing money here on Bali (not in your home country); the best is if you bring €50 notes. The best exchange rates in Candi Dasa can be found at the “Safari” moneychanger, right before the Asri (small supermarket). Banks are more expensive and much more complicated. Many ATMs in Bali accept credit cards and/or EC-cards (with PIN), but the fees can be steep and the machines aren’t very reliable (sometimes they’re out of order).




Depending on your wishes - and availability - Wayan and his staff would be happy to serve you coffee, fruit juices, cocktails, spirits and small snacks. As an example of true Balinese character, some items aren’t available from time to time…


Bali is not a malaria region - so normally, a malaria prophylaxis is not recommended.

Near the sea there are rarely troubles with insects in the dry season. From November to March there are sometimes mosquitos in the evenings, depending on the degree of humidity. Mosquitos stay away from the bungalows due to the air-conditioning: they prefer warm and humid areas and are typically driven off by the cool, dry air.

Nevertheless, we provide mosquito nets available for your bed(s), should you wish for one. For trips to the interior of the island, we recommend an insect repellant (spray).



The Nusa Indah has an ADSL-connection. WIFI / WLAN is available for free.


Each bungalow is equipped with a LAN-connection; you can use your notebook to surf the internet from the comfort of your own room. The data transfer rate is not quite as high as typical European rates. There are no problems with normal internet surfing and/or email; downloading videos, however, can be difficult. Using Skype is also possible - the connection is quite stable if you don’t use video transmission.

Using a notebook on the beach might be chic, but the “salty air” has already proven deadly to a few hard-drives…


Each bungalow has a modern air-conditioning unit in each bedroom/living space. In order for the air-conditioners to achieve their full potential, the windows must be closed. The most comfortable temperature setting is around 26°C. The air-conditioner not only cools the air - it also removes humidity and drives off insects.


The proximity to the sea and “salty air” causes everything to rust much faster than it normally would in your home country. Therefore we recommend that you leave objects which are particularly susceptible to rust at home, and that you bring your belongings into your bungalow at night.


The sea


Although we do have a lovely swimming pool, you shouldn’t miss taking a swim in the sea. Since there are some rocks under the water, we recommend bathing shoes, so you can avoid any potential injury. The stairs down to the beach can be quite slippery - please be careful! Put on some diving goggles, get your snorkel and go out into the bay - you can see fish swimming around, right near the Nusa Indah. The bay is also suitable for children, but of course, they shouldn’t be left unsupervised. Swimming outside of the bay is quite dangerous for inexperienced swimmers.


Nordic-walking poles are available for you to borrow.


Travel documents

In Indonesia, all tourists are required to register with the local government. Wayan is happy to take care of registration; please leave your passport with him. You can keep your travel documents in our safe during your stay with us.

If you plan to drive a car, you are required to have an international driving license.



Balinese religious culture alone makes a trip to the island worthwhile. Like most Balinese in this region, our friends Wayan, I Luh and little Putu are all devout Hindus. The village-like character of the area, the proximity of the sea temple and the Balinese family in Nusa Indah give you the opportunity to be introduced to authentic Balinese religion. Wayan is very happy to answer your questions. A good basis for learning about the Balinese way of life includes personal interest/curiosity, “Asian-style” reticence, international tolerance and respect.



Cash and/or other valuable articles can be deposited (against receipt) in our safe at no extra cost.


In the sea there is plenty of salt - but no matter where you go on the whole island, salt-shakers on Bali are always clogged! After taking a swim in the sea, we recommend a freshwater shower in the garden.



This article of clothing, a sort of decorative wrap-around skirt, is compulsory for both women and men on Bali. Sarongs are inexpensive and available all over; for a bit more money you can purchase a splendid sarong made from fine cotton or silk.

In order to visit Balinese temples, you are required to wear a sarong and sash!

Should you require assistance “wrapping yourself”, just ask any Balinese, they are happy to show you how to do it.


Safety and security

We haven’t had any problems with uninvited guests so far. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t leave money and valuables lying around unattended.


You can see a colorful variety of lovely fish and corals underwater in the small bay in front of the Nusa Indah. The bay is also suitable for children. For a small price, you can take a trip with a spider-dugout-canoe to other snorkeling and diving areas.

If you’re interested in snorkeling, you should bring your own equipment (diving goggles, snorkel, and, if desired, fins). We do have a few bits of equipment you can borrow.




90 When the tide is low, you can sunbathe, play ball and build sand castles on the white beach in the bay in front of the Nusa Indah. At high tide, however, the beach is covered by the sea. Some days it feels like half of the village is at the beach, swimming and playing - an impressive, peaceful spectacle. If you like, you can join in as well - the locals are extremely open and friendly to tourists.

Swimming pool


You can use our swimming pool (built in 2005) any time you like; there is also illumination for night usage. If you want to use the pool after swimming in the sea, please first use the freshwater shower.

In the smaller pool (which is also suitable for children), there are two Jacuzzi jets for a comfortable massage.



Bali has some top-class diving areas. There are many well-equipped, English-language diving schools around the island. We cooperate with some of the diving schools. (See also “Snorkeling”.)


You are welcome to have friends or family reach you via the Nusa Indah landline (+62- 36 34 10 62). If you would like to use the Nusa Indah telephone, please contact Wayan. Please note that the Nusa Indah has only one telephone line; if another guest or management needs to make an important call, you might be asked to free up the line.

You can also use Skype via the interet - this works best without video transmission.


Water supply

The Nusa Indah has a new 35m deep well for service water. The water is hygienically sound and can be used, e.g. for brushing teeth, without any reservations. Large solar panels are the basis of the hot water supply. For prepared drinks, we only use drinking water from brand-name suppliers.


The weather is almost always lovely on Bali. The daily high temperature is usually 29-32°C, and at night it usually cools down to 25-28°C. However, in the rainy season (December to February), it can sometimes rain several days in a row. And when it rains, it often pours! Humidity is generally high; if you’re particularly sensitive to humidity, you will probably require a couple days to get used to the climate.

Room service

Every day the bungalows are cleaned. You also get a pot of tea every day and drinking water is always available. Please contact our team if you have things for the laundry; all prices are listed on the price list. It normally takes 2 days for your laundry to be returned to you.