Nusa Indah  Bali  Bungalows & Villa

Ein Ferienparadies in Bali

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History of Nusa Indah


From 2002 - 2005, a comprehensive redevelopment of the buildings took place. We remained faithful to the original architecture with the help of Wayan and his family, thereby marrying the traditional past with the present.
Nusa All rooms are now air-conditioned with modern bathrooms, and there is a modern swimming pool. The grounds are also graced with small temples and altars to honour the Hindu gods.


In all these years we never ceased learning about the Balinese culture and way of living where many things have a completely different and to us mysterious meaning. Not everything that we take for granted happens in the expected manner but then on other hand complicated seeming things are handled stunningly simple and efficient.

Even after countless stays in Nusa Indah we learn something new every time – sometimes with initial incredulity – until we unterstand the hidden logic.